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Putting roots music artists in the spotlight

We are a full-service artist management firm, providing all the services necessary for promotion - booking, management, and publicity. By combining these services, country, bluegrass, and roots music artists will have a streamlined voice that complements their vocals on stage!


You could use three separate companies for management, booking, and publicity ... or you could have all three handled by one firm.  We'll take care of it all so you can focus on making great music!


Make Welcome works closely with artists with handling tasks such as:

  • Shopping demo tapes

  •  Booking concert venues

  •  Overseeing marketing efforts

  •  Handling band finances

  •  Signing contracts

  •  Managing all other aspects of the business side of music 


  • Assist with preparation of demo CD for distribution to event producers – offer advice on song selection, art, and packaging

  • Create printed marketing collateral to distribute to event producers

  • Write professional contract and rider

  • Research and arrange bookings


  • Create and update Electronic Press Kit

  • Pitch bloggers, music media and other appropriate media

  • Create and maintain social media presence

  • Press releases announcing band news and events

  • Create and maintain website

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